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DiamondAn eternal favourite, the white diamond brings longevity, clarity and powerful purity.
White Topaz
White TopazA strong healing stone, the white or silver topaz is mentioned in biblical and Hebrew texts and promotes creativity and individuality.
Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated QuartzThis distinct stone is formed from clear quartz shot through with black tourmaline and is worn to bring balance and inner strength.
Rose Quartz
Rose QuartzA gentle pink gem with powerful energy, rose quartz is often called the love stone for its ability to enhance love of all kinds.
MorganiteSister to the emerald, this rare pink gem is the stone of healing and balance, also worn to bring new love or rekindle old love.
Rhodolite Garnet
Rhodolite GarnetIn vibrant shades from raspberry to rose, the rhodolite garnet is an ancient gem worn by the Egyptians and Romans and has long been known as the travellers stone.
Thai Garnet
Thai GarnetIn a deeper red than ruby, the Thai garnet is a stone of regeneration, energy, passion and protection from bad karma.
Midnight Sapphire
Midnight SapphireThe colour of the late evening sky, this deep, dark, opaque blue stone is the symbol of Saturn and contributes to clarity, intuition and perception.
Black Diamond
Black DiamondOn the dark side of luxe, the black diamond is a dramatic expression of love, passion and commitment.
OnyxA guardian stone in brilliant black, onyx protects the wearer and blocks negative energy and emotions.
Black Spinel
Black SpinelA powerful healing and protective crystal in intense liquid black, the black spinel is also said to re-establish relationships, resolve conflict and attract prosperity.
AmethystThis striking purple gem has been used since ancient times to assist in healing addictions and health issues, also worn to increase spirituality, patience and balance.
Amethyst Light
Amethyst LightThis light purple stone has a gentle energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness and contentment.
Citrine Light
Citrine LightA pale golden gemstone that combats negative energy and is said to promote success and abundance.
CitrineA joyful stone with bright energy that enhances self-confidence and positivity, citrine is known as the success stone.
PeridotWith a distinctive olive hue, this ancient gemstone dates back to the days of the Pharaohs, and is worn to increase energy and happiness.
Blue Topaz
Blue TopazThis striking bright blue stone enhances spiritual growth and psychic insight while also bringing tranquility to the wearer.
SapphireThe brilliant blue sapphire imbues its wearer with hope and healing and boosts creative expression.
EmeraldKnown as the poet’s stone and strongly associated with magic, memory and meditation, the emerald has long been a coveted precious gem.
RubyA high energy healing stone in deep red, the ruby has been associated with passion and prosperity for centuries.
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